Are Pro Athletes Good Role Models?

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Are Pro Athletes Good Role Models? Imagine if you were to considered as a role model for young people? Athletes having everything anybody would want, the fame, money, cars everything. But imagine if you were one would you go out of your way and be the different person you are off the field to help support children and families? For the athletes that get judged for what they do on the field and on cameras, try seeing what they do off the field because the things they do behind cameras is what makes them who they really are as a person all around. Depending on the athlete you are, these professional athletes are the role models for the kids in today's society for various reasons, the support they do for many childrens with charities, the positive impact they have on kids and other people on and off the field, and supporting many children at the hospital in their toughest moments. These professional athletes are there to play the game they signed up for, they have been through alot to get where they want to be now, but when it comes to being a role model they don't…show more content…
Young people look up to athletes nowadays. Many young people will mimic an athlete and depending on their athlete it can have an effect on their lives and push them to who they want to be when they grow up. Ask yourself, what would it be like being in the bad athlete shoes, and having kids looking up to you as their role model would you change yourself for them, would you change the way you acted on and off the field to set good example for them? There are many great professional athletes role models, this argument goes both sides, really just depends on the athlete you're supporting and
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