Are Romeo And Juliet Inevitable

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Romeo and Juliet
Is love and fate inevitable? The play Romeo & Juliet is a romantic story of two unfortunate people. Throughout this book and play, it is not hard to tell. Both of the characters convey a very strong emotion for each other -- love. Throughout the story there are many examples of things that they would do for each other in the name of love. I believe the inevitability of fate is a very true thing which we can see through the experiences Romeo and Juliet go through and endure throughout the book.
Another subject to touch on in this book is the forcefulness of love. The characters show that love to them is desperate and certain. From Romeo's point of view, we get to see the fact of the matter in his eyes. His desperation to marry Juliet is strong, and hers is as
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society” is repres families of Romeo and Juliet (Capulet &Montague) have obvious conflict with their children who refuse to let their love turn to hatred. Although, both Romeo & Juliet loved their families and wished to stay loyal to hem and defend their family honor. Romeo & Juliet had love for their families and wished not to start anything worse between them. Romeo and Juliet both rebel against their parents in order to be happy. In their defiance of their parents, Romeo and Juliet meet a difficulty in their attempts to get married. They do. Romeo and Juliet’s love was a priority to the both of them and they were deadest on being together.
Shakespeare clearly wished to express the strength of love, fate, and the wills and emotions of two lovers (emotional Shakespearean teens). The characters and their families have a large role in the story. Both main characters, Romeo and Juliet meet and fall in love. Shakespeare helps bring a new light to his views on fate, love, and society. In an attempt to compare some aspects of the story to modern day teens, views, emotions and experiences I discovered that they were very
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