Are Rorschach Tests Meaningless?

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Despite the fact that some people believe that Rorschach tests are meaningless and unreliable; it actually is useful and accurately determines the person 'sr demeanor. The Rorschach test has been with us for from 1921. Through the 1940’s and 1950’s the test was synonymous with clinical psychologists.The rorschach test is a reliable and useful test. Although some people believe that rorschach tests are meaningless they 're not. They are used for the diagnosis of schizophrenia. Schizophrenia is a type of disorder that affects the way a person behaves and sees the world. People believe that Rorschach tests are unreliable, meaningless; but some people believe they tell the person if the person 's have a low IQ or not. The rorschach test is a reliable and useful test. According to Source A “Two different testers might come up with two different personality profile for the same person”(2) The test shows the person 's the person 'sr personality. If someone takes the same rorschach test and get a different result it is because that person said something different than the first time. The rorschach test also allows psychologists to see how people find and create meaning through the thought process. The rorschach test is a reliable and useful test. According to source B the rorschach test is meaningless. He said, “ Many psychologists use these tests…show more content…
Rorschach tests are reliable and useful tests. According to the 3rd comic on the third page the kid says “I told the person 's! It’s an Inkblot! They’re all inkblots”(3). The kid saying that he just only sees inkblots shows that he has a low IQ and he is in the same kind of . If the person 's have low IQ the person 's are not actually dumb. Having a low IQ means that the person have a mental retardation and intellectual disability characterized by significant cognitive impairment just like Charlie in “Flowers for Algernon”. Charlie could not speak properly and he only saw inkblots. Charlie had an IQ of 68 when he
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