Are Sharks Mindless Killers

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Are sharks mindless killers?

Think about the word shark, what comes to your mind? To most people it’s the vision of a mindless killing machine that is only out for human blood. Sharks, regardless of what Hollywood portrays them to be, are gentle, curious creatures that are not out to get people. National Geographic states that “Over 375 shark species have been identified, but only about a dozen are considered particularly dangerous. Three species are responsible for most human attacks: great white (Carcharodon carcharias), tiger (Galeocerdo Cuvier), and bull (Carcharhinus leucas) sharks”. Almost every recorded attack happened because of the shark’s curiosity, misidentification and plain human stupidity.
During a shark breeding season, the
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Young juveniles are more likely to bite humans because they are just trying to figure out what you are and if you are food. They are curious creatures and the only way for them to find out whatever new thing they have encountered is, to bite it. If what they bite is not edible, they will simply swim away, for example, when a shark bites into a surfboard or an inner tube. Juvenile sharks eventually get the hang of things and start to hunt in places and ways that their parents did. People need to be weary of these young sharks and learn the warning signs given by…show more content…
Millions of sharks are killed by humans every year from the process of finning. Finning is where the fins are cut of a shark for shark fin soup, which is considered a delicacy, after that, the body is then thrown back into the ocean while the shark is still living. This is not only wasteful but also cruel and inhumane. By the time you finish reading this paper, about 856 sharks are killed from this. That adds up to about 11,417 sharks per hour and 100,012,920 every year. Co-author of “Sharks of the World” Leonard Compagno said, “The dawn of the latest extinction crisis was less than 20 years ago” (Compagno page 43). This over-fishing is destroying the ocean ecosystem by taking a vital part
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