Are Smartphones Destroying The Adolescent Brain

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Smartphones are in the pockets of almost all teens living in a first-world country every day. These devices have the ability to bring communication with ease and distance in only a matter of seconds. The effects that’s phones have by continually checking them must be the cause of teens depression, anxiousness, and being antisocial. Do these effects create negative long-term impacts? Where are adolescents learning the examples of cell phone use?
In "Are Smart Phones Really Destroying the Adolescent Brain?", published in Scientific American, Carlin Flora's thesis is that the effects of smartphones on the adolescent brain are dependent on how young people use the device, activities that are not happening because of the time spent on the device,
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Flora's first of three points addresses what scientists do and do not know about the effects of smartphones on teens. For example, there is likely a correlation between smartphone use and the development of the frontal cortex of the brain; however, causation is uncertain. She goes on to explain the dependence people have on their phones and habitually look at their phones at the sound of a notification. Next, Flora analyzes whether smartphone use effects the balance between digital and in real life experiences. Research could not produce strong evidence that social media impairs social skills; however, smartphones could possibly improve social skills such as empathy and intimacy because of the vulnerability kids are willing to have. Last, Flora states that smartphones are not to blame for much of the turmoil kids experience: She urges people to address more imperative issues, such as poverty and trauma. Parents…show more content…
This perspective is equitable, yet the connections that smart phones allow between people are not easily used negatively. However, there are instances of cyber bullying, these are still interactions with other people that will give the person experiences that can allow growth. Furthermore, a person that is able to learn how to avoid, or deal with a bully, will be able to become more independent when they are able to stand up for themselves. Evidence of positive interactions are seen when any teen is spending time with each other, the initiation of this hangout was likely through a smart phone and even gives the ability for them to quickly invite multiple people at
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