Teenage Gang Crime

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Al Pacino, the Godfather himself, has been seen and caught making underhanded deals with gangs today as he did in his younger days, we see that it is not uncommon for teenagers to join gangs as if they've been lead astray on another path that is dark. Teenage gang activity has been the cause of many petty crimes and the distribution of starter and "gateway" drugs to the general public, there are many incidents of juvenile delinquencies throughout many communities around the world, and most, if not all of the teenagers were either mildly educated, came from broken homes, or were not very well to do and were under the influence. "It has been proven that the U.S has the highest rate of teen drug use in the industrialized world. Some studies show…show more content…
For most people their role model is usually their parents, a fatherly figure in the family depicts what a child must do and not do. Juveniles are attracted to gangs sometimes because of their parents as they are absolutely irresponsible in raising their child and committing the very same misdeeds that we discourage a child to do. "Many youths are attracted to gangs because they come from broken families, usually families in which the father is absent." (Barbour & Sadler, 1997, p.119) These instances lead youths astray and encourage them to join gangs which in turn, lead to violence and other sorts of misconduct that are performed by these teenage groups. Juveniles nowadays have easy access to guns and other weapons that inflict damage upon an individual, and most of these weapons are kept at home. Research shows that over 50,000 homicides and suicides that occur due to the use of a gun come from when a family member or a relative is in possession of a gun themselves. "Juveniles often obtain guns from family and friends." (Cox, 1997, p.12) These weapons often end up in the teenager doing something drastic related to the violent crime of their particular street gang, juveniles commit a variety of offences ranging from minor to serious such as: graffiti, burglary, theft, vandalism, shooting, homicide

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