Are The Hunger Games Worth Breaking Rules

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“What is worth breaking the rules for?” “As you well know Julian, this is an illegal investigation. The Cold Peace forbids cooperation with the Fair Folk, and certainly forbids what amounts to working for them, no matter the inducement. It’s to our advantage to figure this out as quickly and cleanly as we can, so the Clave has as little opportunity as possible to find out what we’re doing.” “And when it’s done?” Julian said. “And Mark’s back? How do we explain that?” (148) The Hunger Games is a very famous answer to this question, as Katniss and Peeta are breaking the rules every single day that they survive, from not killing each other in the first story, to breaking the shield around the second Hunger Games, and in the third story, flat out rebelling against the capital using propaganda, such as the song “The Hanging Tree.” This rebellion helped save many lives by stopping the capital’s plans for the Hunger Games. Katniss first went against the capital by volunteering for the Hunger Games, in place of her sister, and winning, which sparked a rebellion later on. She next went against the capital when they captured Peeta, fighting to get him back, becoming the namesake Mockingjay. Some other famous…show more content…
If you wouldn’t break the rules for anything, you aren’t a normal person, because if breaking the rules can save someone’s life, most people would do it. While breaking the rules will probably have a penalty if you get caught, if you have a good reason, it will be worth it. Sometimes when people do break the rules, they have a purpose, and for them, it will be worth breaking the rules for. To answer this, I used the book Lady Midnight by Cassandra
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