Are The Illegal Immigrants In Matt Taibb's The Divide

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In The Divide, author Matt Taibbi conveyed to the reader the daily experiences in which illegal immigrants must undergo in order to remain in the United States. Because local law enforcement and Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) started rapidly increasing the number of deported immigrants, local businesses that depended on the immigrant workforce felt dramatic effects. Even though business production slowed, ICE continued deporting illegal immigrants. Additionally, Our justice system realized the injustice of 287(g). According to the American Immigration Council, all local law enforcement were given the power to arrest, interrogate, or deport illegal immigrants, much like ICE officers. As a result, ICE director John Morton created a memo in which recognized 287(g) as an unjust program and allows for ICE and law enforcement to deport more criminals or dangerous immigrants and less innocent immigrants (Federation…show more content…
Throughout Matt Taibbi's novel, he presents many controversial topics regarding United States policies and politics. Yet, Taibbi failed to mention the people who are affected in these situations besides the victim. For example: the police in "police brutality", Kate Stein in the immigration problem, or the children who long for their fathers, but unable to see them because they are incarcerated due to selling drugs. The real victims in each of these situations are not the "Black Lives Matter" supporters nor the immigrants nor the poverty-stricken black man but the loss of family and love. Moreover, Taibbi discusses the daily life of the immigrants or poverty-stricken people, yet fails to mention the police who risk their lives. 19th century philosopher, Jeremy Bentham's definition of maximizing utility asked individuals how can you create the greatest good for the greatest number of people. Police are prime examples of maximizing utility. As a result, in order the fix our present situation, Americans need to stop living in the
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