Are The Witches Guilty And Responsible For Macbeth's Actions

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In this case I believe the witches are guilty, and responsible for Macbeth’s actions. During the debate the opposing team believed Macbeth was responsible for his own actions. The opposing team stated, “Macbeth talked about murdering Duncan, and it was his choice of action. (1.3.44)” They expressed that Macbeth came up with the idea to murder Duncan and it was his own fault. On the other hand my team and I disagree with this statement. We believe the witches are what influenced this whole problem. Our team stated, “The witches are the ones that told Macbeth he would be king in the future. If the witches never told Macbeth he would be king he would have never gotten the idea. (1.3.50-53)” We believe that if the witches never told Macbeth about
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