Are The Witches To Blame In Macbeth

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Is it the witches’ fault that Macbeth became a cold-blooded killer? Are the witches an important figure in the Scottish play? Did the witches constantly tell the truth to Macbeth? These are a few of the questions that people who have seen the Scottish Play “Macbeth” written by the famous play writer Shakespeare would ask. Witches are essential figures in the play of Macbeth. The three witches and Hecate (The Queen Witch), present a menacing aspect and develop a strong connection to the audience of Shakespeare since utmost did believe in Witches and magic at the time. Yes, it may oppose some religions that oppose magic and witches', but the witches’ develop a strong connection to the audience. Symbols of fate, temptation, evil and the supernatural, creates an intriguing atmosphere, and the weird…show more content…
Hecate is the goddess of witchcraft also is the Queen Witch in the play of Macbeth. Hecate takes pride in her Witchcraft plus treasures showing off. To convey her message Hecate uses motifs of blood also predictions to rash Macbeth. During the meeting, "As by the strength of their illusion" (3.5, 28) Hecate instructs the Witches to assemble visions and spirits which will create an artificial sense of self-confidence also causing Macbeth confusion furthermore a sense of impudence. Nevertheless, Macbeth states his need for security and its relevance today, this is important because it brings attention to the fact that the desire for security can bring mortals to the stage that some will perform drastic and intolerable acts to achieve security of their desire. Conversely, this is similar to Macbeth in the way that he murdered for his own selfish reasons and all those who resembled a threat to his position. Therefore Hecate, used this advantage to get to Macbeth and make him think of full security and not being harmed, being unconquerable, and killing Macduff who has doubted him of his
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