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“Are Theories universal?” is an edited book which contain of many different articles and it has been compiled together. This book has been edited by Anders Ortenblad, Ibrahim Ahmad Bajunid, Muhammad Babur and Roshni Kumari. The auditors have decided the format for this book to standardised it and make it looks universal so that it can be understood by all level of readers from all over the world. The book explained different type of tradition theories which may or may not be universal to be used by all different people, cultural and regions. Hence, some of the theories may be accepted and rejected based on its universalism.
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One of the theories that support knowledge as universalism is ‘knowledge as object’ which sees education
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Post-colonialism is a field of study in cultural studies which then …..
Then, we move to another theory which explained about the concept of “leadership” which does not have universal cultural connotation. The leaders exist in all culture, their significance, relevance, the dynamic by which they emerge, and process by which they are accepted as leader, vary from one to another (Dorfman, 2004). In “modern leadership theories” stated that leadership perception and behaviour are
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For example, in aspects of Western Leadership and educational theory may often be not suitable and accepted by others. Thus, many Asian countries are trying to adopt Western-based group learning style (Phuong-Mai Nguyen, 2005) to their educational system.
In contrast to the statement by Thorstein Veblen in theory of spectacles, all objects such as shoes and hats have their own functions for human. Therefore, spectacles cannot be applied as universalism. They might be universally used by people in some certain areas or situations, but it is depends to the people on how they will used it. This is because theory on leadership and learning, for example, are universal for people who teach, do research, and write about these topics only not to all people with different background.
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