Analysis Of Charles Murray's Essay Are Too Many People Going To College

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Education at its core should be about an individual going to an institution in which they are taught ways to expand their, often limited, knowledge whilst growing into a well-rounded individual who is able to think logically and form a well educated opinion. This should be a right to everyone. Yet Charles Murray is questioning if too many people are taking up higher education, a place where a liberal education can shape people into smarter human beings. Charles Murray wrote in his essay Are Too Many People Going to College? that it’s a “Yes and No.” (Murray 235), and the answer really is that complex. Murray writes that, “College looms so large in the thinking of both parents and students because it is seen as an open sesame to a good job. […] When high-school graduates think that obtaining a B.A. will help them get a higher-paying job, they are only narrowly correct. […] Employers value the B.A. because it is a no cost (for them) screening device for academic ability and perseverance. ” (Murray 245)
This all encompasses the fact that those seeking an education don’t really value the part where they are being taught a continuation of their liberal education from their elementary, middle
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Society has made it into a status symbol. It’s a part of the life script that we are handed saying we must absolutely go to college to be seen as ‘worthier’ citizens/human beings. That we are a part of the elite or are working towards becoming so. About “70% of high-school seniors…” (Murray 251) are expected by the majority of society to go into professional jobs. “90% of high school seniors…” (Murray 251) “…are expected to partake in college […]” as a means to get into the aforementioned professional jobs. To be a part of the professional world is to be seen as a part of the elite- or at the very least, a stepping stone to get
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