Are Too Many People Going To College Essay

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Are too Many People Going to College? Author Charles Murry talks about those who are more likely to go to college and depending on the percentage scale who is more prepared for college and who is not prepared for college and when is the best time to teach kids core knowledge. Charles Murry states that,” Kindergarten through 8th grade re the years to teach the core knowledge, and the effort should get off to a running start in elementary school”(Murry, P.238). Murry also goes along to explain that based on the percentile you rank in determines your ability, academic and “college readiness”. Researchers have studied that if students score low on the S.A.T and have a low G.P.A they fall under the low percentile rate and they aren’t ready for…show more content…
In the article it talks about how college does not prepare you for work life but college teaches how to do a specific job. I agree with Harbowski statement because in today’s world of work many companies require you to have a degree, whether it is a bachelor’s degree or a Master’s degree. It is true that not all jobs require you to have a degree but, the jobs that do not require a college degree are also the jobs that are more likely to lay those off who do not have a college but do obtain a high school diploma. Others may say that you can make a good living working at job with only a high school diploma. Although, that may be true studies have also shown that you have to work harder than others to get to that comfortable living place and college graduates are much more likely to be employed and earn more than those with a high school diploma. In my intermediate family not everyone went to college and today they still struggle to find a job that pays them well and can finance them for the things they wish to have. Where my eldest aunt went to college and earned her master’s degree and worked a job she loved that payed well and gave her the opportunity to live happy and comfortably. College does not prepare you for a life of bills and credit but it does prepare you for the profession you are aiming
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