Are Too Many People Going To College

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“Of the starting 65 percent who face debt, the average they owe is around $20,000. That’s just below the starting price of a 2009 Ford Escape,” stated by Robin Wilson in his essay, A Lifetime of Student Debt? Not Likely, means that many college students are taking loans that are so large to the point it can take the place of a brand new truck (257). Then, the question should be asked, what makes a student pay this much to go to a school? What makes these teachings from these so-called wealthy professors different from an online website that will give you the same answers for free? This is because in order for students to go forward and pursue a career, they will have to face the challenges that college funds will give them. That is even if that means that they are thousands of dollars in debt.…show more content…
But for most students, the places to provide those basics are elementary and middle school” to show that students learn most of their core knowledge in their Kindergarten through Twelfth grade years (223). Also, Murray firmly believes that “For a society of immigrants such as ours, the core knowledge is our shared identity that makes us Americans together rather than hyphenated Americans” so we should not treat people from different nationalities any less when learning our core knowledge (224). However, I agree with Murray with the fact that most of our knowledge is learned in the years before getting college education. The only difference is that I disagree with Murray because I believe that in order for people to get a career that they want, they will need this college experience to get prepared for the specific information that they will be required to know for their
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