Are Too Many People Going To College? By Charles Murray

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In “Are Too Many People Going to College?” Charles Murray offers his opinion on the number of students that pursue a B.A. He believes that two year or four year colleges are not needed for a majority of students who could instead pursue other life paths. He discusses the ability for the general knowledge needed to be learned in primary and secondary school, and for a lessened need for a “brick-and-mortar” institution the problems with the current secondary and higher educational issues including the lessened need to acquire a B.A. All members of society need certain skills in order to be productive members of society. They need to know general facts about the country they live in, general history, and general geography. However, these bits of knowledge could be taught a lot earlier in people’s lives. As students get older, they become able to understand different topics with more ease than when they were younger. For example, Algebra could be taught in under half the time if taught a year later than it is. So why force students to learn these things at a young age when they could instead …show more content…

Easy access to a large collection of books and companionship used to be necessary to provide a good learning environment, but as time passes all of these things will be available online thus reducing the need for students to go to a physical college. The time required to go to a physical four year college is also a burden on many students. Instead of taking your classes online and having a large number of options on when you take your classes, students are forced to follow a set schedule of classes depending on when they are offered for a much larger cost than an online college. Four year colleges are losing their appeal as more and more things become available online. However, that is not the only issue with the current educational

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