Free Argumentative Essays: Are We Born Racist?

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Are We Born Racist? Racism is the belief that one’s race, skin color, or more generally, one’s group, of religious, or ethnic identity, is superior to others in humanity. Throughout history, there has been growing tension between whites and other races in the United States. Some of the people experiencing racism are Native Americans, African Americans, Japanese Americans, Jewish Americans, and Muslims. People learn what their society and culture want them to be. If society wants them to discriminate against a certain religion or race, they will. That’s where my question comes in, are we born racist? There is a lot of research out about this question. Surprisingly, babies notice differences at an early age, but does that mean they are racist? “ We can actually start to become ‘racist’ as early as nine months,” says Kaitlyn Stanford. “We are born with a certain predisposition to fear that which we deem to be unlike us somehow. We are born with a…show more content…
Some good ways to talk to your kids is by using different race dolls, story books, at home, and diverse schools or daycares. Kristen Olson, says, “ Children aren’t blind to race. Like all of us, they notice differences, seeing that some people have darker or lighter skin or curlier or straighter hair than others. Children must be aware that this topic must be important because unlike their other questions, these ones go unanswered and leave their parents with looks of worry .Discuss race directly with your kids. Children make up their own conclusions about race if no one discusses it with them.” Make sure you talk to your kids about race before they see others of the other race. Great places to go to get diverse materials, especially books is a new store called “Eye See Me” in University City. It can help expose your children to other children of another race, before they go to school or during

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