Are We Living In A Post Racial United States Essay

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Satya sree Vedula
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Dr. N Creary

Post-racial United States of America: A Dream Prompt: Are we living in a post-racial United States? Explain. Before answering the question “Are we living in a post-racial United States?”, I would like to first answer the question, “What do you mean by post-racial United States?”
It is a view in which the American social and political practices have become race-neutral. It is a notion in which Americans have rejected the overt practices of racial discrimination and inequity that have marked most of the nation’s history. It is the perspective of a colorblind nation. It is now right to answer the question , “Are we living in a post-racial United States?” This is the one thing that every African American dreams about, every single day.
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African Americans have scored major gains, especially in the political realm. The Voting Rights Act of 1965 has brought dramatic increases in the size of the black electorate. African Americans have become an important voting bloc in most urban centers as well as in many areas of the rural South. The number of black elected officials has more than quadrupled. Black mayors started governing many of our largest cities. In addition to political advantages, many Blacks have also achieved significant economic and social gains. Due to affirmative action, laws prohibiting discrimination in employment, and greater access to higher education, a growing number of blacks have obtained professional and managerial jobs and entered the middle class. The former walls of segregation have fallen in employment, housing, education, and many other areas of American life. Does this mean that there is no more racism in the country? Does this mean that people lived together like a family? Certainly,

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