Are We Really Free Analysis

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O 'er the land of the free and the home of the brave. But are we really free? In an article” In the ‘lands of the free,’ are you free to sit out the national anthem?” by Jaweed Kaleem talks about 49er Colin Kaepernick who stayed seated during the play of “The Star Spangled Banner,” because he didn’t want to stand up and show pride for a country that oppresses black and colored people. Which caused a lot of political and ethical controversy if he was wrong or right. Did he enter in the right time? What I believe is that Kaepernick did the right thing at the right time because he had the right intension as to why he refused to stand up during the national anthem. Jaweed the author of this article said that “Politicians has entered the fray:” and when politicians enter a situation like what Kaepernick did. Would just like what Peter Dreier in the article said “We’re in the middle of an election campaign that adds to the tension. The Black Lives Matter…police shootings... and mass killings… All these things are in the mix that make it a rip time for controversy over racism,” so Kaepernick picked the right to time to speak his voice. I say…show more content…
Which I agree to because no matter how you approach something as long as it is for the right purpose and is the truth. It is bound to get some attention and probably some light into other peoples’ mind because the more people who agree with you the more support and progress the situation would go through. There would be some people like Donald Trump who would say “find another nation to call home” which he actually said because he knows that he it telling the truth. In the national anthem it literally says that people where satisfied with the death of slaves who had freed themselves. And how it was the bravery of the black to fight the wars and battles for the
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