Are You Machiavellians Forgive Me 'Cruel Murder'?

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Machiavellians are people who completely disregard morality to deceive and manipulate others in the interest of their own personal gain. Machiavellianism is an ideal thought to be the most effective way to become a powerful and successful leader by many. Leaders throughout history have followed this ideal to come into power. Famous dictators such as Adolf Hitler of Germany, Saddam Hussein of Iraq, and Pol Pot of Cambodia are each Machiavellians who barged their way into power through corrupt methods. However, the longevity of this method is questionable. These dictators were all overthrown and lost their power faster than they acquired it. For example, after WWI, Hitler used propaganda and verbal manipulation to acquired power of the poor, desperate German government. Then he abused his new found power and orchestrated the systematic genocide of millions of Jews before he committed suicide to die…show more content…
During his prayer he deceived Hamlet, he said, My fault is past. But oh, what form of prayer Can serve my turn, “Forgive me my foul murder”? That cannot be, since I am still possessed Of those effects for which I did the murder: (3.3 52-54) The reason for prayer is repentance but, by saying this, Claudius admitted he was not willing to give up what his has gained from his offence, so he would not have been forgiven. So why would Claudius bother pray? He prayed to deceive Hamlet. If Hamlet had not have seen Claudius praying, he would’ve killed him on the spot. This is because if Hamlet had killed Claudius during prayer it was believed that Claudius would’ve went straight to heaven; and Hamlet did not want this. Then Claudius deceived Rosencrantz and Guildenstern by saying, Follow him at foot. Tempt him with speed aboard. Delay it not. I’ll have him hence tonight. Away! For everything is sealed and done That else leans on the affair. Pray you, make haste. Exeunt all but
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