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Social Work Practice
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Social work is basic to the certified practice of multidisciplinary reassuring care team, to both the nursing homes and hospital environments. Along with nursing, medicine and various clinical and other forms of therapies, social work offers practical and emotional care to people living in hardships and other forms of social problems in the community, and most importantly, helping people who are almost nearing the end of their lives. Death and dying are comprised of loss and changes, whereby for a number of people it could be perceived as an overwhelming experience which necessitates the need to control their feelings and coming to terms with such losses. Other than helping
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It is worth noting that social work practice makes use of knowledge in human behavior and development; community and economic; and cultural institution knowledge in the process of helping both individuals and communities. Social work is mostly practiced in areas such as developmental health; child well-being; clinical and medicine field; health; as well as social groups including race and ethnicity, and lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender groups. Social work is equally practiced in schools, whereby social workers in this field partners with school leaders, students, and their families to provide governance in establishing school mental health programs, discipline guidelines, crisis management strategies, and in the provision of support…show more content…
In other words, social work is the only profession which is involved in solving the needs of all people, across their life cycles in different ways. For instance, from birth until the death of an individual, social workers are usually available to offer important help an individual may require at any moment in time. Additionally, social work profession is involved in other functions such as playing the role of a psychotherapist, managers, policymakers in various fields including healthcare, education centers, community programs, child probation, nursing homes for the aged, developmental health, as well as working
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