Aretha Franklin's Influence On Women

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Aretha Franklin was the first woman inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. She sang about women’s rights as she believed women were being treated unfairly during the time that she sang. She also spoke about African Americans rights because she believed they were being discriminated against. She became a role model for other minorities and many other artists followed in her footsteps. She was a very powerful icon during her time, and her songs such as “Respect” encourage minorities to speak up for their rights. “Aretha Franklin made her first record when she was 14, singing some gospel standards in the church of her father” (Ward). “So in 1960, at 18, she dropped out of school and, eventually, was signed to Columbia Records by its top talent scout, John Hammond. Hammond,…show more content…
She sang this in 1967 which was during her time with Atlantic records. “After her years of frustration with Columbia Records, the stars aligned as Atlantic producer Jerry Wexler provided the perfect ambience and outstanding material and let Aretha's wonderful voice and dazzling piano chops do the rest” (Ross). Her music blossomed after she with Atlantic Records. This was one of her first songs with them as she signed with Atlantic in November of 1966. This was her first top ten single during her career. Some may argue that Respect was more popular, but I Never Loved a Man was more important as it gave her confidence in Atlantic Records along with confidence in her singing. It was smooth sailing after I Never Loved a Man as she had many more hits after that. It was easier produce popular songs after you produce your first because the general public begins to listen to all of your music. The music field is exponential meaning once you produce one good song, all of your other music becomes popular just because of your name. People will start to buy albums and listen to every single song even if it isn’t the
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