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Uruguay is a country in the southeastern region of South America. Uruguay is bordered by Argentina and Brazil. The "Rio de la Plata" which is also known as the Silver River, is south of Uruguay and the Atlantic Ocean is Southeast. 3.3 million People call Uruguay their home. 1.8 million reside in the metropolitan area of its capital and the largest city, Montevideo. Uruguay is the second-smallest nation in South America, right after Suriname. Uruguay was inhabited by the charrua people for around 4,000 years before the Portuguese invaded. Portugal established Colonia Del Sacramento, which is one of the oldest European settlements in the country in 1680. In the early 18th century Montevideo was founded as a military stronghold by the Spanish.…show more content…
Then revolutionary forces drove out the Spanish. Brazil laid claim to Uruguayan territory until a peace treaty established Uruguay as an independent nation is 1828. During the 19th century, two warring political parties split the loyalties of Uruguayans. The liberal Colorado 's wore red hatbands to distinguish themselves from the conservative Blancos, who wore white. Civil war broke out often as the two sides fought for control of the country, which opened the door to intervention from Uruguay 's powerful neighbors, Brazil, and Argentina. (Uruguay…show more content…
Uruguay 's very first president was a man named Fructuso Rivera, 1790-1854. He directed the succession of Manuel Oribe, against whom he revolted in 1836. In 1839, Rivera declared war on Juan Manuel de Rosas, the ruler of Argentina and the United Provinces of La Plata. Rivera was later exiled from the city in 1847, fleeing to Brazil. He later returned, after the end of the war of Rosas, and was once again selected in 1853 as the head of the Uruguay government. In the early 1960s, an urban guerrilla movement the Tupamaros, formed and was responsible for a lot of the crime that was happening in Uruguay. They robbed banks and orchestrated political kidnappings and attacks on national security personnel. These actions did not look good for Uruguay and in fact even embarrassed Uruguay and shook the Uruguay government and its people. In 1972, President Juan Maria Bordaberry, enabled the Army to fight against the guerrillas. (History

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