Argentinaan Tango Essay

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The Argentinean tango is very similar to the traditional tango, but there are some key differences that I feel need to go mentioned. The first is that the traditional tango is danced very close at a chest-to-chest distance while the Argentinean tango is danced at arm length to give enough room for the movements to be fluid and unrestrained. Another difference is that traditional tango incorporates fewer styles and cultures than the Argentinean tango. The Argentinean tango has created to represent the travel and lives of immigrants coming to Argentina. This is why it incorporates cultures like African, which are not represented in traditional dances. The African component came from the freed slaves at the tie living in Argentina. Because they were an integral part of society, they became an integral part of dance as well. Today the Argentinean tango has many both dance and music references that can be liked with Africa and African culture.
The Argentinean Tango originated in Buenos Aires in 1850. It was created by the middle and lower class to occupy time and minds. At this time, there were very few women around,
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These tangos are all a bit different, but are all unified in origin, just like the hawk and the blue jay are not the same in movement, but are united by many traits The tango also draws influence from many sources including Cuban, Argentinean, Mongolian and Even elements of African music. In terms of the dance itself, there are elements of the waltz, the mazurka, and the polka. This creates a blend of culture and lots of room for additions. The tango is one of few dances that have so many variations, especially when considering the amount of difference between these variations. The tango changed and grew and evolved ever since it’s introduction in 1850, and it does not stop
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