Why Do Schools Wear Uniforms

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Have you ever had to wear the same thing every day? Well, that’s what kids in most schools every day. Every day, more and more schools add uniforms to their dress codes. These uniforms are usually very bland and uncomfortable. But, schools still enforce them. Uniforms should be taken out of schools because they cost too much, they take away individuality and responsibility from children, and take away focus in school.

School uniforms can be too expensive for some families. But, schools don’t seem to care about that, as they still enforce uniforms. The first example comes from article C paragraph six, where is says, “Are a financial burden for poor families.” Some families have a limited amount of money. They need to focus on food and house bills; not exp ensive, unnecessary, uniforms. So, if schools want to have uniforms, they should at least help poor families buy the clothes. The second example comes from article A paragraph for, where it says, “Spend more on clothing because they need to have different sets for school and out of school.” When schools strict uniform policies, meaning the clothing can’t be stained or ripped, children have to get two sets of clothing. If families can barely afford one set of clothes, how can they afford one set of clothes, how can they afford two? This is a reason schools should
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People think this because of a number of reasons. Most people think uniforms stop bullying. Some people even think having uniforms reduces the amount of time students take to get ready. This can’t be true because uniforms don’t help with anything. Bullies find other things to talk about, and kids still take forever to get ready Uniforms take away students’ focus, rights, responsibilities, and cost way too much; which is why they should be taken out of school dress codes. They have too many cons to be beneficial. Schools should just give up on
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