Argumentative Essay: Should We Have Guns In Schools?

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School safety is an ongoing debate in America and the question of, are schools safe, will never go away but, what could be done to make it a less prominent or less talked about question. Some say that we need more law enforcement in schools, some say we should get rid of guns, and others may say that we should simply make it harder for the wrong kind of people to get guns. I feel that we should have to take a class (much like a hunting or drivers license) and a test annually in order to own guns. Many people would like a world where guns are completely banned or outlawed. While this may work on paper, you can’t deny that if we were to outlaw guns then only criminals would have them thus leaving the non-criminals defenseless. Others like Jim…show more content…
Harris also says, “the liberal commentariat seems to have no awareness of what “sell-trained” signifies.” He goes on to say that it includes and understanding of what to do and what not to do when the danger of shooting innocent bystanders exists. We should be aware also that only special permit holder can legally carry a weapon in public currently and all the people who can have true reason and/or have taken an appropriate class in order to do so. In Source C it is stated “School Safety: A Shared Responsibility” I couldn’t agree with this statement more. We as a country need to come together, no protests, no yelling, no riots, just come together a talk about a solution. A common middle ground that fits what everyone wants at least partly. One side should realize that the other isn’t trying to take all of their guns away and completely take away what they love as far as shooting and gun. One side needs to realize that the other side isn’t a bunch of vigilantes trying to make the world a free for all or get one over on
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