Argumentative Essay: Should Teachers Have Guns?

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Imagine having a normal day at school, then once you're in your last class, a teacher from the room across the hall runs in and yells “Everyone get down there is an active shooter!”. What would you do? Some individuals would say “Its okay because teachers have guns.” But is giving teachers guns the best idea? Will teachers with guns solve anything? There have been many cases of teachers being the ones behind the gun. Which is why giving teachers guns is far more dangerous than not giving them anything. Some argue that teachers with guns are dangerous because the teacher could be the active shooter. But on the other side of the debate, people say teachers with guns in their position is very helpful because if there is an active shooter they will keep their students safe. However, a lot of individuals think teachers should not have guns because it puts students in more danger, it's unnecessary and the teacher could also have mental health issues.
For example a teacher, named Randal Davidson (53) shot a gun at Dalton high school in Georgia, critics went on how “Everybody is already tense about the debate around guns in school because of the deadly mass shooting in Parkland, Florida, two weeks ago” This infers that teachers shouldn't have guns. In
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People think that guns would keep them safe but more guns aren't the answer. Heather Hagleberg (a teacher) inferred that “I don't want teachers to be armed, I don't know a single teacher that wants that.” I agree with Heather's opinion because more guns won't solve anything, it will cause more violence. Heather also added that “I'd probably quit than carry guns,” This infers that teachers carrying guns is unnecessary. Jessica Blythe (A Citizen) added, “i'd stand in front of my kids and take a bullet”. This is what teaching is about, It's about being committed to their job.Therefore it is obvious that more guns aren't going to solve this
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