Legalization Of Abortion In Ireland Essay

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1) Human Rights should be available to each and every individual without any intolerance. Recognition of the natural dignity and of the equal among human beings and not able to be forfeited rights of all members of the human family is the establishment of freedom. It’s the most important right of a Human is the right to life. It is the supreme human right. It is inalienable.

The problem is the substance of Right to abortion and also with other rights of women it is judged that every mother has a right to abortion. But the rights of the mother are to be equalled with the rights of the unborn.

Previously the right to abortion was not allowed and it was strongly discriminated by the society. The abortion of pregnancy was termed to be a slaughtering of the fetus. But due to the changes in generations, time and peoples thinking, nowadays this right has been legally issued by many of the countries .But the unfriendliness are still present and people also consider that it should be legally prohibited.

An individual 's personal attitude on the difficult ethical,
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There are various majorities of countries which had remained very reluctant in implementing a law relating to the legalization of Abortion. Unease is not confined to the abortion, but there are various cases of abortion when it is the woman who had to given up their life. According to the Consortium on National Consensus for Medical Abortion in India, every year an average of about 11million abortions take place yearly.

There have been a number of opposition from the various sections considering the law which legalize abortion as a law against morality. Various persons, who claimed they to be religious leaders criticize this law and state that the act of abortion is equivalent to the murder i.e. killing of child who has not seen the world. According to them , every person has a right to life and so the children who had not taken
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