Argument Against Aging

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A handful of thoughts can run through your head when you think about dying in general. states aging as, "the process of growing old or maturing." Growing old can be scary said by many, but although that 's the case it has to happen sometime. The thought and reasoning by Morley Safer can change ones mind. "The Quest for Immortality" reads, " How would you like to live say, 400 or 500 years, or even more and all of them in perfect health? It 's both a Utopian and a nightmare scenario but there are those who say it is well within the realm of possibility." Morley expresses he "talked to one scientist who says that 's old-fashioned thinking, that sometime in the next 20 to 30 years or so we 'll be able to recondition ourselves for the first steps towards immortality." We all have to die at a future time, but the real question is when? De Grey the sciencetist mentions, ""The aging process is really a buildup of side effects of being alive in the first place." In addition, De Grey "has identified the biological processes he thinks are responsible for aging, including the mutations that cause cancer and the gradual buildup of…show more content…
"Sure, it will be difficult," de Grey says. "All I say is that this is a choice that the society of the future that has these therapies at its disposal is entitled to make for itself." Like mentioned in The Postmortal the cure for living longer isn 't always the easy way out. The cure doesn 't stop you from getting aids, other certain diseases, and dying all in one. You can still pass away and ruin the concept of living eternally. Don 't fear death it has to happen sooner or later. According to the article, "Why are we scared of growing old ?", Age brings intelligence, experience, wisdom and beauty. So why are we so scared of it?" Just like Kim Cattrall said, "In my life and career I want to embrace ageing because I think that 's what 's
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