Argument Against Atticus

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Have you ever made a decision that created a negative effect on people around you? Attics, from To Kill a Mockingbird, faced this when he decided to take on the case concerning Tom Robinson. Everyone clearly agrees that Atticus did indeed take the case. But while some argue that he was right in taking it, others he should not have taken the case. Atticus should not have defended Tom Robinson for three reasons: Atticus and his family are rejected, Scout and Jem are ridiculed, and Aunt, Uncle, and cousin show disgust.(new 3rd proof) The first reason why Atticus should not have defended Tom Robinson is because He and his family are rejected(shunned) from society. Since Atticus had chosen to side with Tom, their simple society has turned against…show more content…
Scout and Jem are continually made fun of by their peers who call them and Atticus “nigger lovers”. People who were friends now hate them(new subproof), their friends from school now make fun of them because Scout and Jem’s Father is siding with a black man on the case. Some say it was good for Scout and Jem to learn to stand up for their morals at a young age(antithesis), but it was not healthy for Scout and Jem to experience such social loss. They are impressionable children who definitely could have sided with their peers on the issue of segregation. It was Atticus’s reasoning, Calpurnia’s kindness, and the black community’s love that allowed the children to stand with them. The third reason that Atticus should not have defended Tom Robinson is because their Aunt, Uncle, and cousin show disgust. When Atticus and his family go visit some of their immediate relatives, the tension is evident. Scout's Aunt and Uncle don't agree with Atticus’s decision and their disgust is clearly shown. Their disgust even rubs off on their only child, Francis, who acts like an annoying fly that you can't swat away(simile), taunts Scout with cruel words. The division of the family creates negative effects on the children, especially Scout, as they try to understand the issues
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