Argument Against Bacteria

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Bacteria is a serious issue people all around the world face today, and it is an issue that needs to be discussed. Bacteria is smart and dangerous. It has the ability to change into diffrent forms. In fact, according to article "Doctors Enlisted to Turn the Tide on Antibiotic Resistance" and "A Spray That Stops Bacteria From Talking to Each Other Could Reduce Dependence on Antibiotics" some microbes are changing faster than antimicrobials can kill them. As a result, people can contract a bacterial infection that has no cure. These two articles describe bacteria as something humans are at war with. Some people also fear that it is a war we may someday lose. The fact that bacteria can change into diffrent forms so fast, makes it very challenging for healthcare providers to fight off infections. New antibiotics and treatments are developed each day, however most are not effective. With this extensive challenge in mind, the tactics physicians previously used to fight bacterial infections off have been altered. The article, "Doctors Enlisted to Turn the Tide on Antibiotic Resistance", describes the new tactic. It reads, " The goal of this tactic, called antimicrobial stewardship, is to curb antibiotic resistance by speeding diagnosis, getting the most appropriate drug to each patient, limiting intravenous drug delivery…show more content…
A study from Maryland School of Public Health has also found new ways to overcome antibiotic resistance that will help fight infection. This study suggested a simple solution: stop adding antibiotics to animal feed. According to the article, "Antibiotic Resistance and the Case for Organic Poultry and Meat", the study found that when poultry and beef are produced without antibiotics, bacterial resistance quickly declines. So, on the contrary, feeding anitbiotics to livestock creates an increasing resistance to many diseases that humans
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