Argument Against Casual Racism

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Whether it is expressed online or through normal conversations and occurrences, or said subtly or not, ‘casual’ racist comments occur on a day to day basis. These comments may be about race, accents, physical features, and many other things. Racism is so common that it has been normalized and incorporated in jokes, expressions, and stereotypes, given the term casual racism. Racism goes on to have damaging effects both on the people who experienced it and on society itself. Which is why we need to act against it. Everyone can make a difference. We must speak up to racism when we encounter it and make efforts to stop it. To combat casual racism, we must all work together. Together, we can make a change. One reason why we must act out against casual racism is that casual racism is hurtful, as are other types of racism.…show more content…
To become stronger, we must work together, which is difficult to do when racism is in the way. We must learn to work together no matter what our differences are. It stated that “White Americans held more than 88 percent of the country’s wealth in 2010, according to a Demos analysis of Federal Reserve data, though they made up 64 percent of the population. Black Americans held 2.7 percent of the country’s wealth, though they made up 13 percent of the population.” Huffington Post also stated that, “A 10 percentage-point increase in the share of nonwhite students in a school is associated with a $75 decrease in per student spending,” a 2012 analysis of Department Education data by The Center For American Progress found.” Yet another statistic found on Huffington Post stated “White Americans use drugs more than black Americans, but black people are arrested for drug possession more than three times as often as whites.” These statistics show that inequality between races is still present and
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