Argument Against Columbus Day

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It all started out on October 12, 1492 when Columbus sailed the ocean blue discovering the land of the new world. It has been marked in 1937 by Franklin D. Roosevelt to celebrate Columbus Day. Then in 1972 President Richard Dixon officially established it as a holiday. Many Americans are against Columbus Day being a holiday and want to replace the holiday to be called Indigenous People’s Day, because Columbus was not not the only one who discovered the new world. The Native Americans are strongly against this holiday because they had already called the discovery of a land there home for centries. It means a lot to the Native Americans for Columbus Day to be called Indigenous People’s Day. On the other hand, many Italian Americans are grateful for Columbus Day, which is celebrated as their home heritage.…show more content…
I believe that it should be called Indigenous People’s Day because the Native Americans were there before Christopher Columbus was. Also, I believe it should be called Columbus Day because it is what the holiday is called and still is and most students have already learned that Columbus discovered the new world. Back in the 1900’s, they should of made sure this holiday was only discovered by Columbus before it become official. Hopefully they will figure out if this holiday will remain the same or be renamed due to many people that are against Columbus
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