Argument Against Diversity Essay

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Now a days the human specie is getting more, and more diverse. As traveling is affordable to every one and moving to different continent is easier, its easy to see many races situated in one place. Searching on the internet to have a better definition of the word “diversity” I stumbled at the site #3 and it given me: “the inclusion of individuals representing more than one national origin, color, religion, socioeconomic stratum, sexual orientation”; at first I only thought the term diversity at the group of people from their ethnic and the more obvious their pigment. Its easy to judge the difference, explaining what is diverse from you…But what is the braking point that from talking of the difference and not enter the discourse…show more content…
I never follow the American politics and the few discussions that Donald Trump made, is easily to notice that his speech are very direct, at first (as a big part of the Americans) I thought that hi was racist, but knowing of his past, hi is a business man, and his discussion must to be direct, not knowing of on how to formulate the proper fraise to the public, I really hope that my way of thinking is right, if not America and the world can look towards some dark ages. Not knowing if he means everything he says, I would talk about his plans of the future since now his the president. If he changes every thing he spoke about to the press, or if he has a new prospective, more importantly if he has racist point of views are true. I my years I wasn’t very social to people, but once I moved here not knowing any one, I started to become alone, once I started Kingsborough community college at the age of 20, not being accustomed to American life, I mainly work and going to school, I didn’t have time to socialize with the people that I meet, and now that the semester is over I’m quite sad that I wasn’t more dedicated in knowing my classmate, be more interested in the life’s of over
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