Argument Against Dragnet Nation

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“The data broker Aristotle Inc. markets its ability to identify 190 million voters by more than 500 consumer data points such as their credit rating and size of their mortgage.” “An intrepid 2012 thesis by a Harvard undergraduate, Melissa Oppenheim, found that fifty-one members of the U.S House of Representatives bought data from Aristotle using some of their congressional allowances.” (Angwin, Julia. Dragnet Nation: A Quest for Privacy, Security, and Freedom in a World of Relentless Surveillance. p. 33. Print.) This imbalance must be fixed for a democracy cannot thrive without a cohesive system where we work together equally. This also makes it so the majority representative people cannot be elected in the government making it so that the…show more content…
The current imbalance due to the information the government has on us and the lack of information we receive from the government must be mended and this right will do just that. It's a right that must be built upon and expanded because of the recent growth in distribution and creation of information and data. Many countries have updated or interpreted their constitutions to support the right to access official information. So as this right is coming to attention internationally it has its place on the home front in the United States. Our freedoms must be protected and this right gives us the freedom that we deserve to be a part of this system and to have a say in our governance. This right can do so many things for our democracy and our society if we become well informed citizens, we gain power, the power to impact and change the government for the better. Freedom to obtain official information is the freedom to gain shared power. I believe we should all be free to access power in our government and society and knowledge gives us the ability to do
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