Argument Against Drones

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You’re on your everyday routine, when suddenly, a missile goes off in the town square. A terrorist organization meets occasionally, but while the drone took out the organization that oppresses the town, it killed two friends and some other civilians. Your friends were good people who took in orphans and they had no reason to die. Their families can’t even have a decent funeral because your friends are in too many places at once. Drones have become an instrument for knocking off notorious terrorists; unfortunately, a few citizens get caught in the fire. The usage of drones for military strikes is immoral because it’s inhuman to kill the terrorists and leave their families to pick up parts of their beloved family member, it’s unfair to sacrifice…show more content…
One of the many “American Ideals” is to act with courage and integrity, but it’s not acting with integrity if one kills another just because they “might” be a threat. No one would be acting with integrity if they kill and don’t mind the civilians down below. Many people would say that because the terrorists act this way, so should the americans because then they can fight brutality with brutality. Is that what americans have reduced themselves to? Fighting the enemy by being like the enemy? They have already started killing because they had the power. In “The Killing Machines,” the author writes, “...the prevailing goal seemed to be using drones as artillery, striking anyone who could be squeezed into the definition of a terrorist -- an approach derisively called ‘Whack-A-Mole’” (Bowden, sec. 3). The power of the drones was abused in so much that it was compared to a high-speed hit and miss game. If americans get rid of potential threats, they become just like terrorists except for they have stars and stripes on their coats. Americans were just killing to kill, and they used the fact that they might be a terrorist to justify the means. In fact “the U.S. was sometimes manipulated into striking people who it believed were terrorist leaders but who may not have been, or implicated in practices that violate American values” (Bowden, sec. 3). It’s not even our country, but because the violated some American value, they can kill them. The terrorists may not think about Americans, but the rule is not for Americans to do to terrorists as they would do unto the Americans, but to “do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” That would be acting with integrity. A person would be viewed with more respect than one who resorts to barbaric practices. It is very degrading to be like the enemy and resort to

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