The Truth Behind Flu Shot Mandates For Healthcare Workers

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How would you feel if you discovered that doctors were pushing flu vaccinations on patients just for financial reasons? That, along with many other, is one good point Claire Dowskin brings up in her article “The Truth Behind Flu Shot Mandates for Healthcare Workers”. In some hospitals flu vaccination funding for employees is out of the funding, and in some hospitals, will fire, or not hire, people if they have not, or refuse to receive a flu vaccination, wearing a mask is not even acceptable. Seeing how strict and forceful some hospitals are about flu vaccines would make one think they act this way for a payout for the vaccine distributers. Another way to look at this is how unethical mandatory vaccines are. Dwoskin (2017) makes a great point…show more content…
Mandatory vaccinations eliminate personal freedoms, and could violate religious beliefs. Also, many people are very skeptical about the effectiveness of the vaccination versus personal hygiene. In an Indiana hospital in early 2012 eight workers were fired due to declining a flu vaccination (Farwell 2016). Lawsuits have even been filed over this dilemma, and if people feel strongly enough to sue over it, then hospitals should see that mandatory vaccinations are causing more harm than help. Farwell claims that in the flu season of 2015 about 64% of heath care workers received the vaccination, but the future goal is 90%. The article (Farwell 2016) also claims that the vaccination is the best defense against the flu, but only if the vaccination and the strand of flu one is exposed to I the same…show more content…
The reason they are doing this is obvious, to protect the health of patients and coworkers. These hospitals offer mask and waivers for those who do not want to get vaccinated for health or religious regions. These hospitals do not believe that making vaccinations 100% necessary because the vaccination is not 100% effective. They encourage employees but do not force, which allows them to keep their personal freedom. “. . . in Wisconsin, 26 percent of hospitals and 12 percent of nursing homes had mandates . . . (La Crosse Tribune, 2012)” but it is predicted that more nursing homes will make flu vaccinations mandatory, since the elderly are more susceptible to

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