Argument Against Gay Adoption

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Denying homosexual couples the right to adopt may be helpful to the children, however, by letting same-gender couples adopt, they receive a more stable, permanent home. Children in the adoption system or the foster care system are without parents to look up to and learn from, and that can essentially be more harmful to the child. Perhaps what children need is the love that homosexual couples have the potential to provide. They need a family. This is debated in the article titled “Adoption Bills Put Religion Ahead of Kids" when it states "I'm not approaching this from an equal protection or parental advocacy perspective. I'm approaching it from the perspective of what children need…I know opponents of gay adoption think they're protecting kids by not allowing them to be raised in such a family. But a lot of these kids have no family" (Qtd. Dickerson 2). The situation cannot be looked at with a stubborn attitude, because a children’s life is on the line. The more time wasted on denying adoption rights to homosexual couples, the more time kids spend without a family or home. The opponents of same-gender are ruining the few chances these children have to have a home. To have a room of their own. To receive home cooked meals. To have parents that love them and want them. To have a family. Denying homosexuals the right to adopt causes the children waiting to be adopted to lose the chance of having all…show more content…
Her parents were addicted to crack cocaine and had several run-ins with the law. When they were convicted of breaking and entering and attempted manslaughter, the Department of Social Services insisted that Samantha, who was then 2 years old, be placed in a foster home. In the five years since then she has been in six different foster homes while she waits for an adoptive home. A lesbian couple wants to adopt Samantha, but their state's laws allow adoption only by people who are heterosexual. (Cameron and Perrin
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