Gun Control Persuasive Essay

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Today, America is dealing with an epidemic. Our society has allowed guns to be an easily accessible item. While deaths associated with guns are becoming a normality in the United States, far too many innocent lives are being taken away at the speed of a bullet. Although many oppose gun control due to the 2nd amendment, the Supreme Court has shown its support. Since Australia and Japan have enforced strict gun control, they show how well-regulated gun laws lessen the amount of deaths related to firearms. There are many occasions where Americans have seen how lenient laws affect our everyday lives.
19,392 committed suicide with firearms, 13,000 homicides related to guns occur yearly in the United States, and since 2000, 194 school shooting have happened. To begin, 85% of suicides have a firearm involved. David Hemenway, the professor of Health Policy at the Harvard School of Public Health, stated, “Studies show that most attempts act on impulse, in a moment of panic or despair: once acute feelings ease, 91% do not go to die by suicide.”Easy access to guns make suicide more lethal. Other
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The second amendment begins with “ A well regulated militia...”. In 2010, the Supreme Court extended the law to private citizens not in a militia but, in this same case, they also stated that gun-regulations are well-within the boundaries of the 2nd amendment. Although many oppose gun control due to the amendment, the Supreme Court has openly stated support. Americans will often say that they support specific gun control measures such as background checks (85% agreed), bans on assault-style weapons, bans on high-capacity ammunition clips along with online sales of ammunations, lastly federal databases to track gun sales. These measures aren’t sent in place due to the ideology of the right to bear arms, the regulations aren’t taking away guns. They are simply making it difficult for guns to land into the wrong

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