Argument Against Headphones

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Virginia Hefffernan wishes to make the public aware of the damaging effects of constants use of headphones and how it is negatively effecting the young generations hearing drastically in her New York Times article, “The Argument Against Headphones.” The author realizes the vast population who wear headphones are unaware of its damaging effects both physically and on the social aspect. Heffernan hopes that with the information provided in this article, people will limit their use of headphones in the future. Who Heffernan is addressing in the article can be confusing at first. Of course she is addressing headphone users, but one may think the author is address the teenagers who most primarily use them. Though while Heffernan extensively discusses teenager’s use of…show more content…
From the physical damages to one’s hearing which she supports with a large amount of facts and statistics to the isolation headphones creating in our cultural. She proposes that we as the general public try to decrease our use of headphones. While this argument resounded within me the effects of headphones have made on myself and those around me and I would like to believe that I will decrease my use of headphones, I know truly that ideal is not realistic. Similar to most people of my age, such as Heffernan points out in her article, I use headphones heavily in my daily life. From walking to class, to watching videos on my laptop, even as I type this response I am using headphones to listen to music to help me from getting distracted by the others around me. It’s a habit that’s been ingrained into my life style for many years and even with being fully aware of the effects it may have on me physically and personally, and knowing the benefits it may bring to my life. I know that I will not drastically decrease my use of the electronic or others that read this article as
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