Argument Against Immigration

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Text: This is a commercial regarding the immigration issues. The main argument in this commercial is that immigrants help enriched and strengthened the US or perhaps, the argument supports the immigrations. The argument in this commercial is displayed by showing images of immigrants from all over the world. Along with the images, the commercial has also displayed the voice of the President Obama’s voice and a quotation of John F. Kennedy of how they support the flow of immigrations. This commercial argument is the best medium for conveying the message to people that immigration is not harmful as everybody thinks. Also, immigration is an important issue but not everybody wants to search online or read newspaper, so this kind of commercial briefly explains what is happening to the immigrants. If this commercial is placed in newspaper, maybe it would not have too much attention from people. Moreover, this commercial effectively proves that Americans…show more content…
The author expects the audience to agree that immigrants bring so many benefits to US and that Americans should have an open-minded of how immigrants really help our economy. The viewers’ background are different, as such the real Americans believe that their country is being intruded by foreigners. And the viewers’ from the country that the immigrants ran away would feel sympathize towards those immigrants.
Author: The author of this commercial could be an American person that supports the immigrations, or the author could be an American-born citizen that his/her parents were migrated to US a long time, or the author could have migrated to US when he/she was young, and also the author could be a political person works for the government that advocates the immigrants. In general, the author of this commercial could be anyone that support or feel sympathized towards the
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