Argument Against Internalized Racism

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People try to say that racism doesn 't exist anymore, that it is a thing in the past. While in reality, that is not the case. People all over the world still hold racist thoughts towards people of color. Sometimes it’s not even purposefully, but it is just an engrained habit, which is called internalized racism. To some, even though they believe that racism still exists, they believe that their aren 't any negative effects, that is just an opinion. Which is exactly the problem, if people avoid to face the problem, then it just persists! In order to combat these issues there has to be dire consequences. I suggest that there should be jail time for racists who act upon their hate, whether it be a hate speech or action. To any person who speaks lowly of any person of color should be sent to jail for the violation of the constitution. The Thirteenth Amendment abolished all slavery and created civil rights for all, despite the color of their skin. The violation of this amendment should be a criminal offense. It is likely that this would have a positive impact on the world. Jail time is a punishment in which mortality is not threatened, however it is still severe enough to enact attention. Even though it is…show more content…
Even though that is true, I believe it is time we stop beating around the bush. Obviously not every problem needs to be solved with federal action, but at this point in time, that is what is needed in order for their to be a societal change. These people will try to say that community efforts can enact a change, and though it may have a very small effect, that does not solve the problem. At this point in time, small actions are practically useless, nobody should waste their time on such things. No person should think of putting forth effort in such futile actions. Stop wasting precious time on small steps and take a huge leap for a
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