Argument Against Miranda Rights

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I believe Miranda Rights are a beneficial tool for all American citizens; therefore, arresting officers should continue to read the Miranda Rights to those that they arrest. Every person has heard the phrase "Miranda Rights", whether or not that be when taking a law class, or perhaps across particular experience with their use. What do these two words really truly mean? Where did they come from and how do they influence to an individual's everyday life?
America is a great place with all its laws to secure people and anyone that wants to come into the country. Some people believe that the laws can be confusing, harsh, or don't work at all. On occasion sometimes the police disobey certain rights and that's when things turn from bad to worse. The Miranda Rights are perfect as written in print because they protect the suspect, it has already been
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The constitution also has a set of amendments that are well known called the bill of rights, in view that they mostly deal with rights of the “people” and all citizens of the United States. We as citizens should be aware of our rights in the Constitution. As the ‘’people’’ of America should realize that any of our rights in the Constitution is subjected to frequently understanding by our courts, especially by the United States Supreme Court.
The Miranda Rights should and meant to be told to those held in custody, detained. A police officer must be cautious in the order in which they hesitate or question the suspect and read the suspects rights. No matter if the prosecutor is guilty or not we should be told our constitutional rights.
‘’You have the right to remain silent. ... You have the right to an attorney. If you cannot afford an attorney, one will be appointed for
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