Argument Against Polymet

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There is a controversial and intimidating proposal that looms over the heads of not only the many inhabitants of the northwestern area of Minnesota, but as well as the entirety of the state. Polymet wishes to invest a large chunk of money into the construction of a sulfide mine. Upon first consideration, this seems like a fantastic idea. As it would provide jobs, give Minnesota new opportunities, and boost the economy of the towns and cities surrounding the mine site. However, when digging deeper, it is easily said that the negative effects outweigh the positive ones. Likewise, There seems to be a higher number of negative effects this proposal would have then is does positives. A small number of these include; a loss of ecosystem, a decline in tourism, environment and water pollution, and…show more content…
This list goes on, and it is breath-taking. There are many reasons why the citizens of Minnesota must stand up against Polymet's proposal, and reclaim our priceless home back to ourselves. In further detail, Polymet Corporation is based out of Canada. It is a so-called world class manufacturer of high performance welding, hard facing, and thermal spray wires. Notice this list does not include mining of any sort. In fact, they have never operated a mine of their own before. This corporation has the desire to invest a large amount of money into a sulfide mine. It would be located near the pristine area of Babbitt and the Hoyt Lakes area. The mine itself would be situated atop 6,650 acres of land that is currently owned by the Superior National Forest. This allotted amount of land would allow Polymet to give rise to a mine
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