Argument Against Torture

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George Galloway once said “ Anyone will say anything under torture”. Torture is used in different ways, But mostly torture is used to gather information from someone that is believed to be involved in a terrorist act. So I think torture should be legal to use when needing to get information although I think there should be precautions to take before you torture. Everyday there could be torture going on in the government secretly on many people because these people are believed to have information on terrorism or terrorist attack. A professor at Harvard Law school Alan M. Dershowitz said “ A carefully designed judicial procedure is more likely to reduce the amount of torture actually conducted, by creating accountability and a…show more content…
Well let me ask you this Would want to live the rest of your life with guilt knowing a number of people died because you couldn’t torture someone for information? As Michael Levin said” If life is so valuable that it must never be taken, the lives of the innocents must be saved at even the price of hurting the one who endanger them”. Torturing someone is fine if it involves saving others People. My choice would be to inflict pain on one person then have 10 or thousands of people die because I couldn't torture to get information on a terrorist attack. So as you can see torture isn’t always used to harm someone, But used to help get out information on terrorism or a terrorist attack that could endanger people. Even if torture was illegal everywhere it would still be used because no matter what torture has been around for many years and years. As said that Torture is practiced in more than 90% of all countries in the world big or small, dictatorship or democracy it will always be used to get information out of

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