Argument Against Voting

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Americans ask, “Why do we vote?” It’s really a silly question isn’t it? This is a serious issue, many people believe that their vote doesn’t count and will not affect the presidential election. These people then complain about the way things are. “Your vote is your voice.” Americans vote to tell all government officials and “lawmakers how they feel about education, public safety, social security, health care, and other important issues.” The entire community depends on voting to change and add in new rules, change things within our community. Voting puts change into effect. Although the people in one town may want change and don’t get it compared to other towns, getting everything they want, it is this way mainly because of voting. “Voting is our chance to make a difference in our lives and within the world.” Voting is even considered “a way of honoring our history.” How, you might ask, there was many people who opposed voting, they didn’t want us to vote at all. Others stood up for the right to vote, they are known as, “Freedom Fighters.” These “Freedom Fighters,” “stood up for the right to vote.” Now that those days are over, now we must “stand up and vote to preserve the honor of those who went before us.”…show more content…
So on this day, when over 100 million of us will pull levers, fill in bubbles, or push buttons on a touch screen to register our choice for the next leader of our nation, it's worth taking a few moments to reflect on the meaning of the vote.” In today’s day in age we vote quite differently than in the nineteenth century, where people show one hundred percent loyalty to their
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