Argument Analysis: Americans Are Eating Less

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Walking through the lunch line picking out the container of chicken nuggets and a roll I realise that portions at William Chrisman are extremely small in comparison to what I normally consume. I count the five or six chicken nuggets and tasteless bread and wonder why they feed high schooler’s so little. Everywhere I look every single person has a small lunch but countless bags of chips and or fruit that is to hard, mushy, and or unripe. As I go to ring up my food the lunch lady informs me that if I do not have a fruit then I must have a tiny box of raises or a small juice, usually frozen solid. Finally I can see on the monitor that my micro meal cost almost three dollars and wonder how or why they can charge so much for so little of healthier food. And flipping through the channels at home or walking along the streets I can see numerous advertisements for weight loss programs and the promotion of a “healthier life”. Right now there is a push and or movement across the United States for people to consume healthier meals, however is the United States health kick actually working.…show more content…
In the article Katz suggests that for the first time since the 1970s Americans are truly and finally acknowledging their health. Cutting back on cutting out “junk” foods from their diets and replacing them with healthier products. Katz refers to data from countless test and or experiments that confirms American calorie consumption is on the decline as well as the flattening of the national obesity rate. Basically Katz is describing that the United States is going through a change as people get wiser and realize what they have been doing to their

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