Free Will And Determinism Argument Analysis

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Free Will and Determinism: Determinism is being able to give the future state of the universe from its present state and the laws of nature governing it. Determinism also fits into the epistemological issue and the metaphysical issues of philosophy. Free will is having the ability to make a choice. For example, we choose what teams we like, what books we read, and whether we go to the gym or not. Compatibilism suggests that free will and determinism can coexist in the same world. Whereas incompatibilism believes they can not coexist. Buddhism and Free Will: Buddhist believe in free will, but they do not believe that it is an agent. This roughly means that they think free will and determination go hand and hand. They also believe in pratitya-samutpada which is part of their karmic beliefs. This belief says that absolute freedom of choice is foolish, since other people are not considered. Sartre Freedom and Anguish: In their belief system we are created for the sole reason that the…show more content…
Megan conclusion said that a person is not less free if they act out of love. She continues to say that even though you want to do everything to make your partner happy it does not mean that they control your decisions. Even though someone might be in love it doesn’t not mean everything they do is to make their partner happy, therefore just because someone is in love does not mean they lose some of their freedoms. I think that it was the best argument because it seemed to be the most applicable to most people's lives. Everyone has people they love and if they were controlled by those people there would be little to no free will in the world. I also think that it’s also the best argument because just because you love someone does not mean you have to please them every minute of every day, it’s okay for your partner to be unhappy with you

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