Argument Analysis: Torturing Animals Is A Wrong Thing

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Phil 102 Argument Analysis 1 Yiding Zhong / Net ID: yzhong17 09/24/2015 Premises 1.) Torturing conscious being is always wrong. 2.) Torturing puppies is a wrong thing. (from 1) 3.) Torturing pig is the same as torturing puppies. 4.) Farm castrates pig without anesthesia and cut off its tail. 5.) What the farm does causes animals, such as the pigs, to suffer. (from 4) 6.) Torturing pigs is as cruel as torturing other animals, such as puppies. 7.) What the farm has done is a wrong thing. (from 1,4,5) 8.) It is wrong for anyone to pay for a farm that torture animals. (from 7) 9.) It is also wrong for anyone to own a farm that torture animals. (from 7) 10.) It is the same thing that people torture animals with their own hand and people pay someone to do it. 11.) The farm produces meat by ways that would torture animals. 12.) Purchasing meat from the farm which tortures animal is paying other people to produce meat. 13.) Purchasing meat from farm is also a way to torture animals.(from 7,11,12) 14.) It is a wrong thing to purchase meat from farm.(from 11,13) 15.) Wrong things are pretty much the same and have no difference. Conclusions There is no diffidence for people to torture puppies and to purchase meat from farm. Explanation Form Norcross’s paper, two…show more content…
In the paper, Fred did all his torturing to the puppies only to pursue the pleasure of eating chocolate, and “this isn’t a matter of survival or health” (Puppies, Pigs and People: Eating Meat and Marginal Cases, Pg 2). Nevertheless, eating meat is critical for human health since it is a very important source to supply human body with protein. It is indeed the matter of survival and health. As a result, eating meat from is in fact inevitable. And killing animal to get their meat becomes inevitable as well. From this point of view, purchasing meat no longer share the same stance with torturing
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