Argument Analysis: What Value Was There In Higher Education

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In this article, Alex Kern argues that, contrary to what many may believe today, college does in fact still have it’s value. This subject, especially the decision of whether to continue or even move onto higher education at all, is surrounded for many with uncertainty. Kern explains that when he had been presented with a promising business opportunity that would cause him to drop out of college, he too had been conflicted. Especially when he found no consensus through either research or advice of friends, family, and mentors alike concerning what he should do. After much contemplation, however, Kern ended up deciding to answer the question through this article. Not only for himself, but for the benefit of any and all who were asking themselves the same question: What value was there in higher education?…show more content…
While Kern admits that this is a completely valid point, a better argument would be that college teaches a student most importantly how to learn, not what to learn. This distinction matters because, as Kern states that, conversely to what students who consistently label particular subjects like the ones related to liberal arts as useless may think, every branch of knowledge has it’s value and entails a unique learning
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