Argument Analysis: Witchcraft Is Guilty

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At that time period anyone caught practicing witchcraft would be guilty.
Trussed- to be bound or secured closely.
This woman is like a flag being raised up high because she is representing something for herself and other people she is showing what could happen to them after being found guilty of witchcraft.
The bonnets are witnesses who like to stare and not want to be guilty of the same crime that other person was accused of.
This woman helped these other women by causing them to have problems, so they would not be accused by other people and trying not to be killed for practicing witchcraft.
If a person did witchcraft, and a person tried to help them in anyway, that person too will also be accused of witchcraft, because the sin would
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A crow waits for its meal, the judge also waits to use his authority,and a dark angel also waits for one more poor soul to be taken away. death will be waiting for more lost souls to be taken.
She is trying to convince herself to die The first prayer that she was talking about is something that we all use when needing something from God, so he can give us what we want in life, one she is saying, is asking God not to end her life.
The poet is that Mary is trying to imminent to her struggling life.
She says she did not commit the crime of giving into death and and instead let it overtake her. She repeats the words “born and borne” because they represent life. 11 hours
The sun does not smile for God because of what happened see God as a savior and a giver of life, like the sun, but as of now after Mary lives through this experience..
The everybody in town was shocked to still find her alive, and possibly make them believe in her connection with witches even more.
She is explaining this experience she was a Christian before and a believer in God and what she stood up for. She also believed in her community and her
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